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Ayze Plastik

We Shape the Future with Technology and Innovation!

Ayze Plastik aims to be a pioneer in the sector with modern technology and innovative production methods. Our production facility is designed in accordance with industry standards and is subject to constant quality control processes. In this way, we continue our commitment to providing reliable and high-performance products to our customers.

Ayze Plastik

Privileged Services, Quality Products!

As Ayze Plastik, we contribute to our customers in making their production processes more efficient by offering special solutions. We lead the industry with our quality plastic products and offer solutions to various industry needs by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

  • ✓ New Generation Technologies
  • ✓ 100% Efficiency!
  • ✓ On Time Delivery
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Ayze Plastik

As Ayze Plastik, we offer you our expertise in production. We have a variety of products such as seedling/silicone grafting clips, seedling grafting labels, seedling grafting sticks, seedling grafting spoons, seedling inserts.


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0533 474 1178


Gaziler, 245 Sokak 1/M, 07020 Kepez/Antalya