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Welcome to Ayze Plastik!

Ayze Plastik, as a company founded in 2023, offers quality plastic products in the seedling growing and gardening sector. Our company specializes in the production of special plastic products such as inserts, vials, grafting sticks, plastic labels, pegs and clips. Our mission is to provide farmers and nurserymen with solutions to help them make their plant growing processes more efficient, streamlined and successful.

High Quality and Reliability with Our Products

As Ayze Plastik, we continue our commitment to provide high quality plastic products to our customers. Our product range covers various products needed in the seedling growing process, from inserts to vials, from grafting sticks to plastic labels. Each product is designed with a focus on features such as durability, lightness and ease of use.

We Shape the Future with Technology and Innovation

Ayze Plastik aims to be a pioneer in the sector with modern technology and innovative production methods. Our production facility is designed in accordance with industry standards and is subject to constant quality control processes. In this way, we continue our commitment to providing reliable and high-performance products to our customers.

Environmentally Friendly Production Approach

As Ayze Plastik, we not only offer quality products, but also adopt an environmentally friendly production approach. By using recyclable materials, we minimize waste and strive for a sustainable future.

How Can We Help You?

As Ayze Plastik, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We are always here for your questions, requests or special requests. Do not hesitate to contact our expert team who will help us find the most suitable solution for you. As Ayze Plastik, we are proud to contribute to the industry with plastic products produced with expertise in the field of arboriculture and horticulture. We look forward to a successful cooperation by offering you the best quality products.