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Seedling Grafting Sticks

Grafting sticks are specially designed tools used in plant cultivation processes. These sticks are used to combine different plant species and serve purposes such as trait transfer or resistance to diseases. Grafting sticks are widely preferred by nurserymen and gardeners to precisely bond plant tissues and promote healthy growth. They are compatible with all EPS viols produced.


  1. Tip Design
    Grafting sticks usually have a special tip design. This design allows making sharp and precise cuts when grafting plants.

  2. Various Sizes
    Various sizes of grafting sticks are available for different plant species and grafting techniques. This enables appropriate vehicle selection for various inoculations.

  3. User friendly
    Grafting sticks have an ergonomic design so that users can operate comfortably. This ensures comfort and effectiveness during long-term use.

  4. Durable Material
    Grafting sticks made of quality materials offer durability and long life.

Usage Areas

  1. T-pruning and V-pruning
    Grafting sticks help unite plant tissues by using special grafting techniques such as T-pruning and V-pruning.

  2. Sapling Cultivation
    It is used in nurseries to combine different plant species and create special plant varieties.

  3. Transfer of Resistance to Diseases
    Grafting sticks are used to transfer traits from disease-resistant plant species to healthy plants.