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Seedling Grafting Labels

Seedling grafting labels are one of the important tools used in plant breeding processes. These small but effective tags are used to document operations performed during plant grafting and to track the species, characteristics or other important information of plants. Seedling grafting labels are widely used by nurserymen and horticulturists to optimize the health and growth of plants.

You can use it on the edges of the viols where you grow your seedlings. Labels containing UV additives are not damaged by the effects of the sun. By requesting your seedling labels in different colors, you can easily distinguish your product from each other. The use of labels in different colors facilitates inspection in the production area and lightens the workload. It is practical due to its dimensions. The top can be easily wiped with isopropyl alcohol.

* Do not use solvents such as thinner or solvent!


  1. Durable Material
    Seedling grafting labels are generally produced from durable plastic materials. This ensures that the labels are resistant to external factors and have a long life.

  2. Writable Surface
    Labels usually have a surface that can be written on or printed on. In this way, plant species, vaccination dates or other important information can be easily noted.

  3. Easy to Install
    Seedling grafting labels can be easily attached to plants. This is a practical solution to quickly indicate the species or other characteristics of the grafted plant.

  4. Long Term Use
    Labels made of quality materials are designed for long-term use. This allows nurserymen and gardeners to use it continuously throughout the seasons.

Usage Areas

  1. Plant Identification
    Seedling graft labels are used to distinguish different plant species or varieties from each other. This makes plant identification easier in landscaping or nursery areas.

  2. Grafting Information
    Labels used during grafting procedures are used to record grafting dates, vaccine types used and other important information.

  3. Maintenance Tracking
    Tags are used to track the growth and health of plants. Labels are an important tool for taking notes for watering, fertilizing or other maintenance.