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Seedling Grafting Clips

Seedling grafting clip is a practical and effective tool used in plant growing processes. This clip helps combine two different plants by using them during plant grafting. Grafting is generally carried out to combine the characteristics of plants or to obtain a plant with the desired characteristics.

Product Sizes


  1. Stable Connection
    The clip provides a reliable and solid connection by holding the grafted plants together.

  2. Flexible Structure
    The flexible structure of the clip adapts to the natural growth of plants and allows the plants to develop comfortably.

  3. Durable Material
    They are usually made from durable and lightweight plastic material, making them long-lasting and reusable.

  4. Quick and Easy to Use
    Thanks to its practical design, the clip allows you to carry out the grafting process quickly and easily.

Usage Areas

  1. Plant Grafting
    Seedling Grafting Clip provides a stable connection when used during plant grafting and helps the plants to be grafted successfully.

  2. Sapling Cultivation
    The clip supports the seedlings to remain in the correct position and grow in a healthy way, and is an effective tool in the process of growing saplings.

  3. Agriculture and Horticulture
    It is used to keep various plant species together in agricultural fields and gardens, ensuring an orderly and efficient plant growing practice.