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Insert Types

Inserts are plastic products used in plant breeding and gardening. These products are generally used in processes such as growing saplings, grafting and seed planting. Inserts are practical and useful tools that support the healthy and orderly growth of plants. It is compatible with all EPS viols produced. Thanks to the hole at the bottom, water is easily drained.

TypeWidthLengthHeightCell PerimeterVolume
96 (48+48)3434606046 x 4660 CC
98K (49K+49K)3383426143 x 4362 CC
136K (64K+72K)323326+3645835 x 3536 CC
144 (72+72)3624105635 x 3535 CC
150E (70E+80E)363+3174586336 x 3642 CC
150K (70K+80K)318+3654606040 x 4046 CC
150Y (70Y+80Y)318+3654606040 x 4046 CC
176 (88+88)3504656038 x 3836 CC
180Y (90Y+90Y)3624106033 x 3332 CC
200 (100+100)3403475030 x 3018 CC
216E (108E+108E)3424615330 x 3032 CC
216Y (108Y+108Y)3424616035 x 3436 CC
252 (120+132)345+3804206032 x 3226 CC
350 (168+182)343+3754055225 x 2518 CC
176 (11 x 16)3555305151 x 5117 CC
384 (192+192)3484674625 x 2515 CC
600 (300+300)3404602118 x 188 CC
72T3276656248 x 4860 CC
98T3286685640 x 4050 CC
128T3276656238 x 3838 CC
171T3276656030 x 3026 CC
210T3276655030 x 3016 CC
300T3276654524 x 2411 CC


  1. Various Sizes
    Inserts are available in different sizes and shapes. This gives you the flexibility to choose ones suitable for different plant types and growing methods.

  2. Durable Materials
    Inserts made of quality plastic materials are resistant to environmental effects and long-lasting.

  3. Modular Design
    Some inserts have a modular design, allowing users to organize and combine them according to their needs.

  4. Easy to Use
    Inserts are generally easy to install and use. It is a practical solution to accelerate and regulate plant growing processes.

Usage Areas

  1. Sapling Cultivation
    Inserts help in placing seeds or seedlings in an orderly manner during nursery growing.

  2. Plant Grafting
    During grafting procedures, inserts are used to combine plant tissues and facilitate the grafting process.

  3. Plant Sorting and Arranging
    Inserts can be used to line and arrange plants in landscaping.